November 5, 2019

Landing some 'big fish' customers

Devan Sabaratnam @Devan

Hey all, my startup HR Partner was one of the first companies to be listed on Indie Hackers when it launched, but I have been a little slack with updating our status on here - too busy grinding away at building up our customer base, I guess?! ๐Ÿ˜…

Anyhow, after several years of slow and steady growth, this month we managed to land the biggest glass manufacturer in the UK as a customer for our HR SaaS. In the same week, we closed the deal with one of the biggest disability services companies in our own country, and have a multi national retailer also almost ready to sign up to a paid plan.

Within the space of a week, we have nearly tripled our MRR, and have reached the stage where my co-founder and I can finally start taking money out of the company for ourselves instead of reinvesting it all back in like we have been doing.

Still a long way to go, but it is a really good feeling to get some larger clients on board to shore up the bottom line, and who will act as reference sites for us moving forward (The UK client has already said that they want to recommend us to their Polish parent company, which is one of the largest glass manufacturer in Europe!).

Happy to answer any questions anyone may have about B2B SaaS or anything else...

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