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Hugo improves meeting productivity for teams. It connects to your work calendar providing one place to collaboratively prepare, take notes, assign tasks and share insights. ⠀ Get on top of remote meetings with notes that

June 5, 2021 Hugo partners with Loom

Hugo partners with Loom to bring video recording to your meeting notes

Hugo is the leading note-taking app for meeting notes, agendas, and tasks. But meetings don’t just happen face-to-face or in real-time. Adding Loom videos to Hugo gives teams the perfect balance of sync and async communication, enabling them to:

  • Show up prepared: Record a Loom for attendees to review before the meeting.

  • Share meeting summaries :Use Loom to add a tl;dr for your colleagues so that they don’t have to read the whole doc to get the gist.

“We use Loom every day for async collaboration and to add video walk-throughs and recaps to our meeting agendas. Our customers operate much the same, putting Loom links in their Hugo docs all the time," said Josh Lowy, Co-founder & CEO at Hugo.

"Now that our customers can record and embed Loom videos without leaving Hugo, meeting docs say more with less. Loom is perfect for saving time before the meeting begins, and socializing next steps after it ends.”

May 20, 2021 Hugo wins Webby in Apps and Software

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet.

“Hugo has set the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said Claire Graves, Executive Director of The Webby Awards. “This award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of its creators.”

“To be awarded in such a competitive category is humbling," said Josh Lowy, Hugo's co-founder and CEO. "For a lot of people, meetings are one of the worst parts of going to work. Each month, our app helps thousands more teams with their agendas, meeting notes, and action item tracking. It means fewer, shorter, better meetings for everyone. The Webby really acknowledges how important that is to the future of work."

March 9, 2021 Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List

Hugo Named to Fast Company’s List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021

Hugo has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021.

The list honors the businesses that have not only found a way to be resilient in the past year, but also turned those challenges into impact-making processes. These companies did more than survive, they thrived—making an impact on their industries and culture as a whole. This year’s MIC list features 463 businesses from 29 countries.

“Meetings spiked 42% in the wake of the pandemic,” said Josh Lowy, Hugo’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We spent the last year not just making software for better meetings, but sharing research and tools to help people navigate the new normal. We’re honored to be recognized.”

The Fast Company honor comes as Hugo continues to make collaborative meeting preparation, note-taking and follow-up easier and smarter than ever before. It’s goal—allowing users to eliminate unproductive meetings and reduce overall attendees.

Following March 2020, Hugo experienced a massive surge in demand, powering 200 percent more meetings than it did pre-COVID and surpassing 20,000+ customers. More than two million people have attended meetings powered by Hugo, including teams at Adobe, Netflix, Slack and Spotify.

Fast Company’s editors and writers sought out the most groundbreaking businesses across the globe and industries. They also judged nominations received through their application process.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies is Fast Company’s signature franchise and one of its most highly anticipated editorial efforts of the year. It provides both a snapshot and a road map for the future of innovation across the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

“In a year of unprecedented challenges, the companies on this list exhibit fearlessness, ingenuity, and creativity in the face of crisis,” said Fast Company Deputy Editor David Lidsky, who oversaw the issue with Senior Editor Amy Farley.

To coincide with the issue launch, Fast Company will host its first-ever Most Innovative Companies Summit on March 9 and 10. This virtual, multiday summit will celebrate the Most Innovative Companies in business, provide an early look at major business trends, and offer the inspiration and practical insights on what it takes to innovate in 2021.

April 22, 2020 Hugo Raises $6.1M from Gradient Ventures and Slack

"The most important conversations and decisions in every business come from meetings," said Darian Shirazi, general partner at Gradient Ventures. "As the world embraces new models for working remotely, Hugo is building the intelligent source of truth for meeting alignment and collaboration. Whether you’re in sales, support, finance, or strategy, Hugo keeps teams in sync by centralizing meeting insights and automating outcomes through smart integrations to other best-in-class collaboration tools.”

"Meetings are an untapped source of team discussion, decision-making and progress,” added Jason Spinell, who invests and manages the Slack Fund. “The market is hungry for tools that help teams turn meetings into an opportunity for collaboration – especially in a world where remote work is so prolific. Just as Slack connects us to our colleagues and tools through an innovative collaborative interface, Hugo does the same with meeting notes. We believe Hugo will quickly become the go-to solution for organizations that want their teams to be more aligned and their meetings more productive.”

Each year, unproductive meetings cost an estimated $37 billion. Hugo changes this by bringing your calendar, chat and productivity apps into the note-taking experience for your team, transforming meeting insights into action through integrations with more than 20 apps including Asana, Jira, Salesforce, Slack and Zoom. Since founding, the company has powered hundreds of thousands of meetings for some of the world’s best-known companies, including Adobe, Dropbox, Netflix, Shopify, Spotify and Twitter.

Hugo’s customers consistently report it leading to fewer, higher quality meetings and as having a tremendous impact on alignment and the way their teams work.

“We’re in a meeting-driven world. Team agendas and notes that sync with our calendars have shifted the way we work, towards being super organized, diligent and most importantly, connected,” said Nick Valluri, strategic alliances manager at Zapier. “That’s not only great for efficiency, but also from a culture standpoint since meetings are at the core of transparency and teamwork.”

Hugo will use the new capital to service its fast-growing list of customers, expand Hugo’s global team and accelerate product development of new features that support customers with more of their meeting workflow.

"The way we meet dictates the way we work,” said Josh Lowy, CEO and co-founder of Hugo. “Everyone already plans for and takes notes in meetings. Hugo supercharges that behavior for better alignment and productivity, especially when we can’t all be in the same room. We are looking forward to the next phase of Hugo’s growth – powering meetings that help teams work better together.”

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Hugo improves meeting productivity for teams. It connects to your work calendar providing one place to collaboratively prepare, take notes, assign tasks and share insights. ⠀ Get on top of remote meetings with notes that