December 10, 2019

Preparing to start my validation step

Filipe Oliveira @fmoliveira

Time goes by so fast, it's been nearly 3 months I've had this idea and yet I've had little progress. It's definitely time to change my strategy!

I've decided to stop learning new technologies that I want to apply in this project, and instead, I will use what I have on my toolbelt today and focus on solving the problem.

I still haven't done any market research, so that's my next step. I've ditched my former task board that was entirely technical and built a new task list for the MVP on Basecamp. All the ideas that don't fit the MVP are moved to the Backlog list.

With these ideas, I'm designing high-fidelity mockups that I will share with potential users to validate my idea and get early feedback. That will shape my task list and finally I will start coding.

I felt really tempted to start coding right away because I've started this project to scratch my own itch, and I really want to build it for my own use as soon as possible. But why not validate it right away and use the feedback to build a better product? It doesn't make sense to skip this step!

I'm very curious to find out what the validation step will teach me!

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