October 10, 2019

Website launch

Jacopo Ranalli @jjranalli

Used Webflow to quickly launch a landing page, so that I could start getting subscribers to the service. I also set up a zap to collect users emails on Airtable.

Main goal is to validate the idea by getting early feedback and see if founders are willing to start a startup with a remote cofounder, ensuring their safety by using the Hyperfound platform.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 3 weeks until a wide release beta!
    You may wonder, if you read the previous update, on why a nearly done MVP, is still awaiting to a Beta release. The answer is really two-fold. First,
  • $100 MRR!
    With a couple of new customers yesterday, ilo.so is now at $135 MRR. This is a big milestone for me. By selling a number of lifetime deals, ilo has al