August 29, 2019

The Beginning of HyperGrowth Stories

Barry Nyhan @BarryNyhan

Hey It's Barry, and this is where our new podcast is going to live

It's called Hypergrowth Stories and it's where we're going to have conversations with some of the most successful and inspiring companies that are building their business online.

We're going to explore the stories behind the rapidly rising brands they're building as they share their advice, trends, and predictions on the market.

This podcast is built for people are working in and love the ecommerce space. Hungry people that follow the OG Charlie Munger's mantra of going to bed smarter than when they woke up. And tech/business nerds like me.

For the people in their career that want to build and create their own store - We're going to map out a guide on what it takes to get started.

Because this podcast is really interesting to me, I hope it's going to be interesting for you too

I'm really excited to bring this project to life, and I sure hope you'll join me in picking up a thing or two as we dive into the world of selling things online.

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