December 18, 2019

150th user signed up!

Supun Kavinda @SupunKavinda

Hyvor Groups ( is a community website like indie hackers but more general. Users are allowed to create any group on any topic. Today, the 150th user signed up!

How we got 150 users:

  • We officially released Hyvor Groups in August.
  • We didn't spend more than $10 for online advertising. I realized that spending a little amount of money (I used to spend $1 per day on Facebook) doesn't do much. So, I focused on SEO and guest blogging.
  • One most important thing about building communities is each and every user must feel they are special in a community.
  • With that sense, we now have 150 users.
  • $50/month revenue with advertising
  • And, 10,000 page views per month.

Thank you.

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