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Idea Validation Tool Launch!

90% of all Startups fail!
We have been told this numerous times!

But what they don't tell you is that 99% of all startup ideas fail within the first month!

Do you know why?

Because of one doubt in the founders mind, "Is this something people want?", that's right Idea Validation is the stage that kills most startup ideas!

What if we told you that'll not be the case with your startup idea!

  • You don't have to spend weeks on trying to validate the idea
  • You won't be lost in the search for answers
  • And you don't need any capital to validate your startup ideas

Curio Revelio has launched its Idea Validation Tool. A tried and tested process now presented in the form of a Tool to make the process:

  1. Faster: Results in <48 hours
  2. Structured: 3 levels of validation: Basic, Advanced, Expert
  3. Affordable: Idea validation starting at Rs. 99 only!

We are committed to making the process of starting up more efficient and accessible.

Check out the Idea Validation Tool here: curiorevelio.com/idea-validation

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