January 28, 2021

First issue sent!

Ondrej Prostrednik @ondrej

Finally, the first issue is out. It took me a few more weeks during which my day job was keeping me super busy, but I made it.

During this time I continued to work on the stack:

  1. Set up gumroad.com to sell the PRO version of ItoM.
  2. Created a feedback form to track sentiment.
  3. Set up a custom Welcome email.

Key learning: I could have sent out the issue a long time ago. Even though I told myself it didn't have to be perfect, I kept on working on things, thinking they were all just small tasks. But all those small tasks added up. In the end, they did not make much of a difference for my initial subscribers and I could have sent the first issue back in December. Keeping a more iterative mindset is one of the things I need to get better at.

Today's Top Milestones
  • A new Name & Domain for Inoryum Themes
    Hello IndieHackers, We have came up with a decision to have a new name & domain for the Ghost themes that we build. Currently the ghost theme store si
  • The landing page is live!
    After deploying the latest commit on netlify we have reached to point of no return :). We are live! luumy.io is ready to be your next feedback widget!
  • If you're curious how we went from 0 - 10k in MRR
    For every business that's made it this far, there's a story to how they got there. I've read dozens of these and found them infuriating. I hope this o
  • 🎉 1500 users!!
    We crossed 1500 users this morning. CMO was out for the whole month too with urgent issues he needed to address with his house, so I'm proud I was abl
  • What is Form Analytics
    Successful businesses don’t just luck out. They relentlessly improve their product or service, processes, and customer experience according to data an
  • Digital downloads and file delivery
    People can now use Checkout Page to sell digital downloads such as ebooks, courses, plug-ins, apps and games 🎉 Upload your files to Checkout Page and
  • Twitter love from IH!
    Tellspin got a tweet from IndieHackers! I didn't actually notice because I disabled twitter notifications, but I noticed this morning when I checked m
  • Finished the MVP!
    After 6 weeks of work, we're done building the MVP! It was definitely a massive learning curve for me, building my first software product. But it was
  • How to design a product logo with the help of AI
    Second episode of "Making a Product: Transcripto" is out! In this one, Leo will show he designed a logo for Transcripto - by being lazy and leveraging
  • Kingdom is on Betalist (I paid $199)
    I just post Kingdom on Betalist to test if Betalist worth it in 2021 so you don't have to 😅 I am very curious about the result! For sure I will share