September 17, 2020

ProductHunt launch

Dan Rowden @dr

Today, ilo is on ProductHunt! This marks the official launch.

I started on ilo seven weeks and one day ago, and coded the initial alpha release over two evenings.

The product has changed a lot since, with valuable input from the early users ❤️

I'm nervous and excited to launch on PH, as I've never done it before and I have no idea what to expect. I'll update this post in 24 hours, hopefully with some decent results.

I've created two launch deals: $160 lifetime access and $70/year (discounted from $100/year, forever). Only 100 deals are available. I'm hoping this ploy will help validate the product and generate some early revenue.

Come say hi on ProductHunt!

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    Congratulations on the launch!

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    I can see your product is No 1 on PH. Did you follow a particular strategy?