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Twitter's own analytics are not great. ilo is.

November 9, 2020 New ilo feature: full tweet previews has a great table view, making it easy to view a lot of your tweets—and their metrics—at a time. But to save space, the tweet text was always truncated.

For the first feature launch in November, I've just added full tweet previews. Simply hover over a tweet and the full tweet (including clickable links) is shown inline.

October 16, 2020 New feature: account switching

A few users in the past few weeks have mentioned using ilo for multiple Twitter accounts and how amazing it would be to have a smoother way to go between dashboards (instead of signing in and out each time!)

Today I launched ilo's account switching feature. If you're already signed in, you can simply "Sign in with Twitter" again on a different Twitter account and the accounts get linked together within ilo. It's then just a single click to navigate between dashboards.

September 30, 2020 $100 MRR!

With a couple of new customers yesterday, is now at $135 MRR.

This is a big milestone for me.

By selling a number of lifetime deals, ilo has already generated over $4k in revenue in September but I see $100 MRR as far more important.

The breakdown is:
• 7 x $50/year earlybird plan
• 10 x $70/year launch plan
• 4 x $12/month regular plan

September 17, 2020 ProductHunt launch

Today, ilo is on ProductHunt! This marks the official launch.

I started on ilo seven weeks and one day ago, and coded the initial alpha release over two evenings.

The product has changed a lot since, with valuable input from the early users ❤️

I'm nervous and excited to launch on PH, as I've never done it before and I have no idea what to expect. I'll update this post in 24 hours, hopefully with some decent results.

I've created two launch deals: $160 lifetime access and $70/year (discounted from $100/year, forever). Only 100 deals are available. I'm hoping this ploy will help validate the product and generate some early revenue.

Come say hi on ProductHunt!

September 5, 2020 400 users

Today, ilo passed 400 users.

There has been a nice influx of new users due to the earlybird pricing flash sale.

100 users signed up on Thursday and Friday.
290 had signed up in the previous 34 days since the alpha launch.

I have been watching the background processes to make sure that the all-important data collection and crunching is still doing OK with many more users. Seems fine 💪


September 3, 2020 Earlybird pricing launch

ilo is nearing the end of its free alpha phase.

I set up some heavily discounted deals for early ilo users: $50/year or $120 lifetime.

I launched these at midnight last night, for 48 hours only!

The response has been great. I'm very happy to offer lower pricing to users who took a gamble on ilo so early ❤️

August 17, 2020 100 users! No more waitlist

After two weeks of limited access and a waitlist, ilo reached over 100 signups.

In those weeks I'd worked hard on tweaking the metrics and charts available on the site and also beefed up performance on hitting the Twitter API and number crunching.

It felt like a good time to remove the waitlist and allow anyone to sign up and use ilo.

(One day after opening up, ilo has 150+ signups)

July 31, 2020 Ilo alpha launch

After two evenings hacking on a basic alpha product, I launched ilo offiically on Twitter.

I enabled access to a few select Twitter friends and was ready to launch it to a larger user base.

I offered anyone who retweeted my tweet access to the product. I wasn't expecting 180+ interested users 🤯

July 29, 2020 I started working on ilo one evening

I'd been using Twitter more intentionally since April. I'd then launched two projects on Twitter, showing me building them.

Twitter's own analytics product is great for very basic insights but there is definitely space for a better product.

One Wednesday evening in late July, I started working on the Twitter API, documenting my progress on Twitter.

Two days later (on my birthday!) I launched and started accepting people onto a waitlist.

Twitter's own analytics are not great. ilo is.