Published loads of new resources!

Over the past weeks and months, I've been slowly working away on some blog articles and guides - you know, the sort of stuff that's meant to help with SEO but also be invaluable content for my target audience.

I've split it into 2 categories:

  1. On Freelancing and Solopreneurship
  2. On Marketing Strategy and Planning

Having just published, I realised that some of this stuff could be useful for folks here.

It's all completely open too - no forms that push you into an email flow! :)


Let me know what you think!

  1. 1

    Freelancing is a big part of my life. But now i'm into startup world more :)
    I think this list will be pretty useful for tech community - what do you think about republishing it on Hackernoon?

    1. 2

      I hadn’t thought of that... not really been on Hackernoon before. How does it work?

      1. 1

        it's a popular website where a lot of tech people hangout - you can sign up and publish a collection of your resources or just a tell cool story about an experience that you have, for example.
        I read series from a cool contributor - he explaining problems that Upwork have from a different point of views - very fun to read. can find a link for you

        1. 2

          Thanks! I've just submitted one of the articles to Hackernoon so fingers crossed! :)

          1. 1

            glad to help - good for karma :)

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