🚀MVP Launched! + 🔥Free beta

The feeling of launching for the first time is so amazing. I wanted to put an MVP quickly together and it took me a little bit more than expected but now I am proud to share https://referralrocket.co

ReferralRocket enables you to build quick referral systems for your webapplication. We focus on the API and integrations to allow users to customize their campaigns as they want.

Now I am hoping some of you will give it a try so I can get actual feedback and improve the product.
If you're interested join my discord server so I can help you integrating.!

Thanks for your attention and work hard!

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    I am actually looking for a referral system, but I am searching for something that works without adding 3rd-party code to my site. Does your platform work without adding code to my site, and just directly calling some API endpoints?

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      Exactly. You can call our API without adding js snippets to your side.
      We only have one snippet to save the referral code in the browser. It is a really small snippet but you can do it by yourself if you wanted to.

      If you have discord you can join my server and I can help you integrate.
      If not drop me an email [email protected] and I can help you there.

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    congrats on the launch! keep going!

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      🔥🤘🚀 Would you like to join my discord so I can help you?

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    That's a great product. I like your API first approach. I wish you the best.

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      Thanks, you're the best!

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    Nice 👏, I may try it in the future for Adflow.ai.

    Jus ta quick thing I noticed: Your docs refer to it as ReferralRabbit, mayb it's just a leftover from past iterations 🐰.

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      Oh.. I had to change the domain name because ReferralRabbit did cost too much 😂
      So there will be both names till I update all.

      I'd love to integrate it for adflow. Just drop me a message when your good to go!

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    I just had a look at the website. Probably, the Book demo also should direct to register URL.

    Good luck to you


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      Thanks, I fixed it! Are you still interested? I'd love to hear your opinion.

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        Appreciate that you fixed it. I just mentioned that. Will try it when I need such a product. Thanks agin


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          Great! I wish yoo a great weekend!

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