September 18, 2019

First Patreon after launching podcast trailer

Will King @wking

After sitting on the launch for a few days waiting for iTunes to approve the show I was able to launch today and within the first hour I had a Patreon.

You can check out the tiers here for the setup I went with. You will of course see the classic get your name on the podcast tier plus some others:

I shared the podcast on 4 channels:

  • Twitter
  • Email List
  • Elm Slack
  • Other Developer communities

All of these are very personal channels (if used correctly) and allow me to interact with anyone showing interest or gives them the ability to directly interact with me and I believe that will be the most important part early days for this podcast.

It has also lead to me getting great early feedback both on quality and direction interested listeners want.

I would love to hear your tips for sharing your podcast if you have one or marketing tips you feel apply across the podcast market from your!

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