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I've curated a big directory of accelerator & incubator programs recently as I've applied to many of those with my startup - I hope any maker can benefit from this resource!

March 18, 2020 First 2 sponsors!

Yesterday, I received the payments of my first two sponsorships on the same day for and I'm very excited to share this milestone with all of you!

Actually, both these sponsors made the sponsorship offer a while ago, but I couldn't concentrate on the product for a while due to the depressive mood caused by Coronavirus and self-isolation (thanks for their patience). But recently, I pulled myself together and now I'm back on track! Now I realize a maker's remedy is always, to make!

March 10, 2020 Updated the design

Many people complained about the colors of so far, but I was on the positive side and didn't want to change it completely. But the previous design was too sharp, having many borders, thick lines and an eye-tiring font, I decided to update the design with minor tweaks. Hope it is better!

  • Replaced the colors with a few tones dimmer
  • Changed the font with a smoother one from the same family
  • Removed eye-tiring borders
  • Restricted the color palette to 3 colors instead of 4
  • Updated the header and made it standard for all pages
  • Removed Disqus - its design is terrible, not adjustable and besides it is killing the page load. Instead, I will build my own comment module.
March 4, 2020 Added 80+ startup programs & various new metrics

I've added more than 80 startup programs to and 8 other key information about all the programs as requested, including:

  • Crunchbase rank
  • Number of investments
  • Number of exits
  • Founded year
  • Program type
  • Type of funding
  • Total funding raised
  • Number of alumni startups

By tomorrow, I will be adding a filtering based on key information in addition to 100+ new programs.

February 2020 13 remote startup programs added, any suggestions?

Ready or not, a new era has unfortunately begun. This is also valid for startup programs. Most of them are planning to go remote for their next cohorts, like YC. Most probably, some of them will adopt remote permanently.

There were already remote programs in, but I am trying to expand the list as much as possible. That's why, I would be grateful if you recommend any remote program. Please feel free to contribute to this list!

Here you can find these 13 remote startup programs I've collected so far:

PS. If your startup is targeting any pandemic related problem, don't forget to apply to Fight the Virus Accelerator as the deadline is April 3rd!

February 12, 2020 Added review & rating to Incubator List

I've added a very simple review & rating module to the program pages in using Disqus. I am planning to collect feedbacks, reviews, and ratings from anyone who has attended an accelerator & incubator before. Please feel free to contribute with your valuable reviews!

Program submission is also available to use, where you can add programs if they are not on the list. Many of you have submitted more than 50+ programs so far, that's why I am grateful to all of you guys!

Today I will be adding 70 programs more! (now we have 260+ programs). Next for this week:

  • filtering based on category, location, funding amount and other factors
  • new metrics such as company success rate, notable companies
February 4, 2020 A curated list of 230+ incubators & accelerators

I've collected more than 230+ incubator and accelerator programs as a spreadsheet since I applied to many of those with my other project, Episolo.

It was not easy to find the most suitable programs. All the resources on the web were outdated. And I didn't want to miss application deadlines, so I brought all the programs I've bookmarked together into a spreadsheet, then a website as a curated directory:

I thought it could be useful for other makers as well. Hope you like it!

I've curated a big directory of accelerator & incubator programs recently as I've applied to many of those with my startup - I hope any maker can benefit from this resource!