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March 13, 2020 March Meetup Cancelled

Hey there Indie Hackers,

Unfortunately due to the low numbers and the Corona Virus risk I am unfortunately going to cancel March's meetup. I will re-address what is happening in April and other future events but at this time it's just too high a risk.

I hope you all understand.

  • Rhodesie
March 6, 2020 March Madness Meetup

Heya Indie Hackers!!!

I hope you all can make it to the next 2020 meetup at Spacecubed (Riff - Vault). Please RSVP your spot as the space we have only can hold around 25 people, however, if we get more interest in this meetup I will organise a larger space.


February 29, 2020 March Madness Meetup - Suggestions

Heya there Indie Hackers,

Just wanted to reach out and let you all know that we have secured Spacecubed's Riff space again for the 19th of March, and every 3rd Thursday after that for the rest of the year which is awesome news and many thanks go out to our partners and sponsors at Spacecubed and Stripe!!

Now I did have a few things in mind to chat about at the next meeting, and the meetup request will be sent out in due course, but I wanted to touch base and see if there was anything anyone wanted to discuss in the next meeting as a theme, or want to show the group or anything they want to me to add to the meeting?

Any suggestions would be great and I will close off submissions by Wednesday which is when I will shoot out the meetup request!

Have a great long weekend gang and will contact you all further!

  • Rhodesie
February 24, 2020 State Government Innovation Vouchers

Heya Gang,

I just ran across this on this morning and thought I was pass along the link.

It IS a co-funded program, which means that you need to provide a quarter of the net cash investment and some other eligibility criteria outlines in their PDF at the bottom of that page but if you need some simple cash injection for patents etc., then this might be great.

Anyways, keep plugging away gang!

  • Rhodesie
January 30, 2020 RAC WA Perth Investment Fund

Lifted from Morning Startup Mailing List:


RAC’s BetterLabs Ventures has today announced a $20 million expansion of its seed fund, making it the largest of its kind in Western Australia.

Part of RAC’s strategic innovation function, BetterLabs launched $3 million in seed funding in September 2018 to support start-up founders on their growth journeys.

RAC Group CEO Rob Slocombe said there had been an overwhelmingly positive response to the initial seed fund, with over 150 applications received in its first 12 months.

“BetterLabs has received an incredible amount of interest since it began and we’ve been fortunate to be able to support and partner with some of WA’s most innovative start-ups,” Mr Slocombe said.

“By expanding the investment fund to $23 million we aim to provide new opportunities for start-ups to make a positive impact in WA.”

The expanded fund will continue to invest in innovation that benefits WA and will now include Series A/B rounds with investments expected to be in the $300k - $3 million range.

Derek Gerrard, BetterLabs’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR), will continue to lead the fund.

“It has been great to see the positive response over the last 12 months and four investments are now underway,” Mr Gerrard said.

“We are very excited with this announcement and the expansion of the fund into Series A/B rounds which is great news for the WA and broader Australian start-up ecosystem.”

BetterLabs will continue to build a portfolio across its Emerging Innovation Domains:

Clean Tech: Technology that enables sustainable living and commuting specifically around energy, waste and water

Member Community: Innovation that generates deeper connections, fosters collaboration and builds meaningful community

Third Age: Opportunities that support the transition of the aging population into their next stage of life

Life, Work & Money: Technology that supports the new ways we will design life and structure our work and money

Mobility of the Future: Innovation that supports the new ways we will get around

Next Gen Insurance: Technology that supports the new models of insurance

For more information on the fund, including how to apply, visit

January 24, 2020 First meetup for 2020!

Heya Indie Hackers!!!

As we close out 2019 I want to welcome you all to 2020's first Indie Hackers meetup!

I know it's been a couple of months since we all met up but we have worked really hard this past month obtain sponsorship from the lovely people at Stripe. Getting sponsorship from Stripe means that we are now able to take advantage of their partnerships with the likes of Spacecubed etc., oh who we were able to obtain a monthly meeting space at Riff! We also are fortunate to have a small food and refreshment budget and get a hold of some cool merchandise as well.

I hope you all can make it to the first 2020 meetup at Spacecubed (Riff). Please RSVP your spot as the space we have only can hold around 25 people, however, if we get more interest in this meetup I will organise a larger space.

  • Rhodesie
January 10, 2020 Stripe is supporting us!!

Made contact with some great people at Stripe and was extremely happy that they were so enthusiastic in supporting the Indie Hackers group in Perth!! They will be giving us a place once a month at Riff, merchandise and some spending moola for light food and refreshments!! Thanks again to Stripe!!

Share ideas and information about creating products in a social context around Perth.