December 30, 2019

December Sushi Extravaganza!

Mike W @incredimike

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Thanks for joining us on December 19, 2019 for our inaugural Indie Hackers Sushi Extravaganza!

Not a bad turn-out, especially considering that the Canada Line wasn’t running. Many people drove in or walked in the pouring rain. We have a seriously dedicated crew!

We shared a few numbers during the event:

  • 7 meetups held during 2019 - One per month-ish.
  • 124 Meetup group members. Not bad for starting in May!
  • 16 newsletter contacts, started in October (thanks @EmailOctopus for the hosting)
  • New website to capture meetup notes:

And we also shared a few plans for 2020:

  • The next 3 Indie Hacker Vancouver meetups have been scheduled for January 22nd, February 19th, March 25th.
  • Launching an online community to continue the in-person discussions we start at meetups, and to grow & better organize the community.
  • Targeting March 2020 for new style of meet-up: moderated discussion panels. More on this in the new year!


💎 Sponsors 💎

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