December 30, 2019

Indie Hackers Vancouver Meetup October 2019

Mike W @incredimike

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Thank you for coming out this month!


💎 Venue Host 💎

Our venue host this week was iamota, a design-led digital agency with a focus on e-commerce in downtown Vancouver, BC.

They are hiring, check out their careers page!


⚡️ Lightning Talks ⚡️

Using Notion to manage your side projects

Presented by Mike Walker


Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE)

Presented by Stefanni Brasil & Thiago Araujo

  • Presentation Slides (Google)
  • Millennial Revolution Blog
  • Mr. Money Mustache
  • Early Retirement Extreme
  • “Quit like a Millionaire” (Book)
  • Exploring Alternatives


Cost effective UX testing using unmoderated panels

Presented by Dana Epp

  • Azure Application Insights
  • Full Story
  • Logrocket
  • Playbook UX
  • The Mom Test (Book)
  • KANO Model
  • PMF model / Business of software conference talk


Other Resources from the event

  • Marker Pad
  • Auditwolf
  • Consider whether you should tell your employer about your side project


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