October 6, 2019

Shipped Lots of Improvements to IH

Courtland Allen @csallen

You may have noticed a few improvements to IH recently:

  • The loading quote is gone from the homepage. Instead, the content appears instantly. Still got a few glitches to fix here.
  • You can add h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 headings within your posts using Markdown by beginning a line with ##, ###, ####, etc.
  • You can also add inline images to your posts using Markdown's image syntax.
  • You can also add inline images to your comments.
  • Everyone can add header images to posts now, not just people who have a sufficient number of points.
  • You can finally delete your product pages.
  • Forum posts have gotten a big aesthetic upgrade and look better than ever. I've been trying to find a design that works well for both short discussion posts and long-form blog-like posts, and I think I've gotten pretty close.
  • This is a bit invisible, but I did a bunch of technical SEO stuff and plan to keep working on it. Google should start picking up more of your posts sooner or later.
  • If you make a post, people who follow you will now see that post in their daily community digest. I haven't enabled the community digest for everyone, but when I do it should be meaningful. Many of you have hundreds or thousands of followers.
  • Posts have their Open Graph / Twitter Card images again, so they look great when shared on social media. Hopefully I'll have time to add some more random images.
  • The homepage now more clearly divides milestones/products vs forum posts. Still lots of work to go here. I want to properly unify milestones and products into one cohesive feature. There's a lot of valuable information being shared via milestones that would be great to be able to sort, search, filter, etc.
  • I replaced infinite scroll with pagination on most pages, so you can actually scroll to see the footer now.
  • Comment text and upvotes buttons are a bit bigger now on mobile, which should make them easier to click.
  • Lots more stuff I've forgotten that I've done.

Of course, there are still a couple dozen things you've all been asking for over and over again that I'm going to get to eventually:

  • changing your username
  • changing your email address
  • changing your product pages' names/URL
  • saving drafts of posts
  • bookmarking posts
  • subscribing to posts
  • RSS feeds
  • an API
  • better meetup features, etc.
  • better search (almost done with this)
  • various performance fixes

And then there are a few things I'm building that nobody's asking for, but that I think everyone would benefit from regardless.

Suggestions are appreciated, as always! Although I'm going on a much-needed vacation next week, so I might be slow to respond.

I'm going to add an open role for a front-end engineer to Stripe's Job Openings page in another couple weeks. Would be great to have some help! 😅

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