Indie London + IndieBeers = ❤️

A story of merging indie businesses :)


As of today, the Indie London and IndieBeers communities join forces to create one place for London Indie Hackers to learn, connect, and help each other.

The community now lives under the unified Indie London name with a newsletter, a Slack community, flagship Indie London events, social IndieBeers events, and much more to come.

➡️ http://indieldn.com

I first met @charlierward through Indie London, in 2018, just after he had hosted the first IndieBeer event. It was exciting to see new initiatives spring in the community: it meant that whatever happened to Indie London meetups, the community would stay alive through Charlie and the work of others.

Now that I have moved to Oslo, I will be phasing out my involvement in the London community (but still hang around!). I am excited to partner up with Charlie and leave the community in his hands.

There is a lot we are working on as part of this transition, and there will be more to come. 🔜

See you all soon :)

  • Ghyslain
  1. 4

    Looking forward to the day when Charlie goes all in on this!

  2. 3

    Thanks for everything you've done @ghyslain. The Indie London meetups have been amazing and it's such a helpful and supportive community. Best of luck with your move to Oslo 👍

    You're definitely leaving it in safe hands with @charlierward. Excited to see how the community evolves!

  3. 3

    As a happy member of both these communities, super pleased for them to be coming together 🔥

  4. 2

    I realize now I have never joined one of your meetups, but I look forward to the next! Best of luck in Oslo!

  5. 2

    Great news for the indies of London!

  6. 1

    Thanks for everything @ghyslain. All the best in Oslo.

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