August 30, 2019

Meetup #7: Solving Real Customer Problems

Ghyslain Gaillard @ghyslain

I welcomed again last evening a great crowd of entrepreneurs and bootstrappers for the 7th Indie London event.

The event emphasized stories of success that do not come from technology but first and foremost from solving real customer problems.

Our first speaker Johnny Boufarhat shared how he started with a purpose - to genuinely create real connection online - and iterated until he solved a real customer problem with Hopin.

Second, Masibu Manima shared how his side-projects have gone on to generate £1m in revenue - with no code; by focusing on solving real people problems rather than trying to lead with a software solution.

Finally, we were lucky to have a lightning talk from Holly Leslie of Adla - just back from the latest YC Summer batch in Silicon Valley.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to host such inspiring speakers at the Indie London events and get support from companies such as Cloudflare, Inc.

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