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November 22, 2020 We're on youtube

We initially started hosting our films on vimeo but we decided it would be best to switch to youtube.
Starting today is on youtube.

If you like indie films, or want to support independent filmmakers you can subscribe to our youtube channel:

October 29, 2020 Development updates and changes

So I've been getting a lot of feedback in the past few weeks and I've finally managed to get the design and the front-end done to a point where the templates are at least functional.

At the moment I'm still polishing and making minor fixes but the main structure is pretty much finished...

June 2, 2020 About IndieFilm.TV and our goals

In September 2020 I decided to start IndieFilm. I did it because I've been personally looking for a long time for a community of indie filmmakers to connect and share my work with, but I wasn't really able to find anything that wasn't either full of spam, dead or both. My only goal for this platform is to help independent filmmakers get noticed, learn, share experiences and even find work and awesome projects to become a part of.
It's way too early to say how exactly the platform will look, I've been designing it and redesigning it and getting feedback from a lot of great people in the industry. Most likely there will be a continual improvement and lots of updates. But my goal starting this is to have a high quality platform, with high quality people that share high quality content.