January 14, 2021

IndieLeaders launched on Product Hunt today. 🥳

Adriaan @adriaanb

Today is the big day! We launched on Product Hunt and so far things are going pretty well and (at the time of writing) we are in the top three. Super excited to see if we can stay up and get the 100 signups because that is the next milestone and will activate the 'Wall of Fame'. :)


Today's Top Milestones
  • Weekend Club launched in Americas time zones 🙏
    weekendclub.co is the weekend co-working club for bootstrappers. Until recently, we ran weekly, Saturday co-working sessions 10am-5pm on GMT (UK time)
  • You can pay us via self-service!
    Finally, we've implemented self-service payments in our user panel, so you don't need to go away from the site to buy the paid plan. 🤑 Check out our
  • Starting Hacker-AI
    966 / 5000 In my decade long marketing tech career, I've seen how artificial intelligence and automation have changed the business. However, one funda
  • Update 126: +1 customer
    1. What we worked on last week and how well did we achieve our goals? ✅ Added 1 new customer for +$49 ✅ 3 sales calls booked for this week. ✅ Onboarde
  • 20 paying customers
    After posting in several different sub Reddits and Facebook groups we were quick to get some really useful feedback. We managed to get 20 pre-orders o
  • Launched MVP
    Just launched the MVP of pfft! pfft free file transfer (recursive acronym) if a file upload/download service that I build out of my frustrations from
  • We released a shiny new version
    The new version includes markdown support in descriptions, custom security commands, tri-state task statuses (todo, doing, done), pentesters short bio
  • Launch day is upon us
    After months of experimenting, learning, and iterating, we’re finally almost there! We’re days away from publicly launching our service to consumers (
  • 100,000 monthly readers
    Focused on a narrow niche (job searching & careers, and within that, mainly job interview advice), published content very consistently, yet focused on
  • 5 Million events tracked using Plaudy's API!
    So, we're still only collecting early access signups, but we have: - 4 customers using Plaudy in production - My own company, Jolt Block that is using