August 16, 2019

New interactive features

Victor Mota @vimota

After sharing the site with some friends, we realized they immediately clicked on something and left the site. Our bounce rate was pretty high, and there wasn't a lot of returning users. We figured we needed to make Indieshops a little more interactive in order for it to be a more sticky experience.

  • We still wanted to keep the shops as the main focus, so we decided to add a preview pane when you click on a store. The idea being, users could "window shop" by browsing the shops from within our site.

  • Along with this we added a Mailchimp footer. We are hoping that by building a mailing list we could notify users of the best shops of the week, and get some returning users by changing the model from pull to push.

  • A new Shop page was added, so you can share individual shops with a friend. Prior to this, if you saw a shop you wanted to send to someone on Indieshops you'd just send them to the shop's url, and your friend would never get to see Indieshops. With the new Share button in the preview pane, you can share that specific shop within Indieshops with someone.

We'd love it if you could try the new features and let us know what you think!

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