November 7, 2019

Came up with an idea for a new tool!

Paul-Sebastian Manole @brokenthorn

At the place where I work at, I'm an IT manager/director. My team frequently processes requests for new entities to be added to internal catalogs: products, partners, matches between internal and external products (from suppliers), etc.

I came up with an idea for an app to help everyone work faster and remove the dread of doing these small, repetitive and trivial tasks every day.

Instead of submitting incomplete/uncommon/unfamiliar or seldom correct data from one department (sales) to another (IT) by email and having the supporting person copy-paste and switch between apps for 20 fields that he needs to fill in, why not build digital forms, with proper validation, that the first department can fill in and submit only when filled in correctly and that then the second department can inspect and after validation/correction, with the push of a single button, immediately process that request?

Should be a simple tool to write, that lots of other businesses like ours could use in Romania, since there are a lot of businesses here that use the 3rd party application(s) we use. iNeed could also be sold to the makers of that 3rd party application we use if that's advantageous.