January 10, 2020

Launched an affiliate program


The product is not trivial in promotion, so the team decided to launch a revenue share program. Partners recommend Infatica to the most relevant audience, and in exchange, they receive up to 30% of generated revenue.

Advantages of launching an affiliate program:

You only pay for results – unlike traditional advertising methods

  • You don't spend time on advertising – let partners promote you so you can worry about other, more important issues, or issues that you have skills for.

  • You don't need to be a marketing expert, neither you have to learn any marketing methods to run an affiliate program.

  • Get quality traffic and improve SEO – lots of affiliates generate lots of backlinks.

  • Find Super affiliates and you're golden – you don't need hundreds of affiliates to successfully run an affiliate program. In general, most of the businesses have 3-5 Super affiliates who generate more than 50% of the revenue from their whole affiliate program

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