40 New Subs from a Music Newsletter

This is a bit weird, so hold on tight. I recommended good music and got a feature spot in yesterday's edition of Flow State. Yes it goes out to thousands of people, and my newsletter was mentioned along with my name.

Here's how it happened.

One of my favorite newsletters right now is Flow State. It sends me a single artist that performs some type of mostly non-verbal music. It's been my go to every single day when I want to listen to something.

I also follow David Byrne's Radio. He curates a list of songs each month specifically to be listened in an office. It's fun. It's funky, it's fantastic. A few weeks ago it was Nino Rota, a great Italian composer.

Recommended it to Flow State. They asked if I wanted to write the blurb about the music. So I did. And I got to mention what I do... which is run this marketing newsletter.

Got 40 new subscribers today that wouldn't have found me any other way.

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