October 10, 2019

40 New Subs from a Music Newsletter

Andrew Kamphey @AndrewKamphey

This is a bit weird, so hold on tight. I recommended good music and got a feature spot in yesterday's edition of Flow State. Yes it goes out to thousands of people, and my newsletter was mentioned along with my name.

Here's how it happened.

One of my favorite newsletters right now is Flow State. It sends me a single artist that performs some type of mostly non-verbal music. It's been my go to every single day when I want to listen to something.

I also follow David Byrne's Radio. He curates a list of songs each month specifically to be listened in an office. It's fun. It's funky, it's fantastic. A few weeks ago it was Nino Rota, a great Italian composer.

Recommended it to Flow State. They asked if I wanted to write the blurb about the music. So I did. And I got to mention what I do... which is run this marketing newsletter.

Got 40 new subscribers today that wouldn't have found me any other way.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • First TikTok video
    Nowadays I'm trying to explore marketing options for user acquisition and I've read a bit about TikTok and it's amazing userbase. Decided I will give
  • A modest profitable month
    Things feel like they are starting to click in terms of process, content, growth, and we even made some money (finally)! Looking forward to a continue
  • Launched on Gumroad 🥳
    Woohoo!!! 🥳👏 Yesterday I finished setting up BuildFaster on Gumroad and now our 9 HTML themes (even more in the future 😉) are **available to buy**.
  • Created a Landing Page! 🎉
    I signed up for Maker plan on Unicorn Platform 🦄 and it only took me and hour to put Authorisely value proposition on landing page. Thanks to @alexan
  • Private Beta Launch
    After spending time building the product and working out the remaining issues as well as integrating some early feedback, GamePressKit.com has launche
  • Ionos UK Shared Lakebed
    A few months ago Ionos (hosting like Digital Ocean) asked in their newsletter for stories of Covid impact. I'm glad I actually read their marketing em
  • Extension has been published Mozilla platform
    I am very glad that my extension has been approved and published on Mozilla addon platform. I would be glad to have some feedback or any other suggest
  • Launched No-Database News site
    After a couple of months of iterating and redesigning, I launched my own news reader with only relevant news. No clickbait, no ads, no interruptions.
  • 🎯 500 downloads + New website launched!!!
    Also my 9th month of running Zlides - a side project in presentation designs that keep me awake every week! I'm a
  • Stopped the publication but…
    I’ll continue the curation of what works in voiceover and copywriting (emails, ads, landing pages) on Twitter @naii and on