December 18, 2019

Interviewed by LetterList about my Newsletter

Andrew Kamphey @AndrewKamphey

I release a digest of Influencer Marketing news each week. It's been running for over 2 years now and is my main cash flow for the past year.

Marc, runs LetterList, he's hand-curating great newsletters that you can subscribe to in one click.

He asks me about growth, revenue, and more in this deep (3k words) interview. Read it all here:

A few excerpts that fellow IndieHackers can learn from:

When asked about Growth Tactics:

I’ve tried so many things.

Content Marketing on LinkedIn has been by far the #1 thing that worked. In April 2018, I made a list of 100 of the most influential people in Influencer Marketing. That doubled by subscriber count.

I’ve tried Facebook Ads a few weeks ago.

One tactic that I don’t hear often used, I email each person referred to in the newsletter.

When asked how Influencer Marketing can be applied to anyone:

There will be individuals in any and every industry that have an outsized impact on that industry. Understanding how to create relationships with them and enable those individuals to carry on your own message, that does take work but it’s got an incredible upside.

Endorsement by a major figure in an industry can get you in front of the right people at the right time. Tactics that help, 1) Give them a platform to share their opinion. 2) Give them insider information about the industry, or unknown information that they can use to show off themselves. 3) Be a great member of their community.

Read it all here:

Today's Top Milestones
  • Reached 17,000+ active users per week
    We have reached 17,000+ active users. Still, most of the installations come from Google search, Google Chrome store and our site
  • Shutting down. 👋
    I've been working on my side project for the past few months. But it's time to drop it. (temporarily 🙄) My original goal with it was t
  • Fired our first customer (nicely)!
    Context: At Logology we design logos. Started as a high-end logo generator, we’ve found a way to also shake the custom logo design market. We think we
  • Software Ideas September Metrics ($5.5k MRR)
    Every month, I want to post and recap some of my KPIs for Software Ideas. MRR September 1st: $3,706 MRR October 1st: $5,544 MRR User churn September 1
  • Crossed $100 MRR
    It looks like a small milestone but it's a huge achievement for me. I manage to x3 the MRR in almost 10 days after I removed the free tier. Obviously,
  • Launched on Product Hunt!
    Hey friends! The day has come that Swipe has launched on Product Hunt! Th
  • Landing page
    Redesigned the landing page: 👉Link: Before: - Used Wordpress - A lot of broken links After: - Moved over to a static website (power
  • hits $590 in new recurring sales 🚀
    It's our end of the month post 💥 Since we re-launched and switched over to Stripe we have now reached $590 in new recurring sales during the month of
  • We've reached $100 MRR
    Over 18 months ago, I launched ReplyBox, and we've finally reached $100 MRR. It's been a long journey, so it's time for a breakdown as to what held us
  • Launched
    After coding an early draft 6 months prior, we cleaned up the code and launched the extension on the Google Web Store. Within 3 months, we had 300,000