October 23, 2019

New Landing Page

Andrew Kamphey @AndrewKamphey

The landing page I had used was literally made 6 days before I launched the newsletter. That is almost 2 years ago now.


While it's not a full site, it doesn't have to be.

The point of this is to get anyone who doesn't know about Influence Weekly to sign up.

New site is going to take a while but I wanted a fresh look and to tease out some of the new things I'm working on.

Old one had a bounce rate of 70%. I hope this one increases conversions.

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    Hi Andrew:

    Here's an example of a stellar newsletter signup (IMO):


    Notes on your page:

    1. center aligned text is hard to read and confusing visually. I would left align where possible

    2. Make your bullet points more obvious, and focus on benefits rather than features.


    "Learn current best practices, as they evolve"
    "Stay up to date on what works and what doesn’t "
    "Learn about and from new and exciting people in the industry"
    Free is important, so keep that.

    Center align and give more space to the bullet points so that they are more of the focus.
    Add an icon to make it more positive and obvious.

    1. Add social proof (total number of subscribers). If your total number of subscribers is low, add that with something that focuses on the value of being the only ones with the knowledge

    2. I like the large subscribe button

    3. remove all superfluous text :

    "Just in time for coffee. ☕
    Not convinced yet? Take a look at past issues."

    These don't add anything; if I'm not convinced yet, I will continue to the next section anyway. They just crowd the page and make it more confusing visually.

    You might consider writing why you are writing this newsletter and what the purpose is here, but I prefer going to the past issues first (i.e. "Show, don't tell")

    1. It takes too many steps to read a past issue. Make each of those direct links to the issue.


    Outcome: https://imgur.com/a/Yr41I9D

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      Truly transformative critique! thank you. I've made a bunch of the changes you suggest. couldn't get those colored check marks to work for me. (I'm using Carrd, it's great but not extremely flexible)
      check out the news version:

      • added links to the "past issues include" section. Thanks for the note that it takes too many clicks to get to the meat!
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        Looks great.

        I would still add some more vertical spacing to give the design room to breathe a bit more -- when everything is so tight it can be hard to know what to focus on when you first open the page

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          Yes, of course! done... check out the new version: https://influenceweekly.co/