November 21, 2019

Newsletter Referral Results Week 3: +57 Subs

Andrew Kamphey @AndrewKamphey

Newsletter Referral Results after 1 week: +3 Subs
Newsletter Referral Results after 2 weeks: +26 Subs
Newsletter Referral Results after 3 weeks: +57 Subs
A few weeks ago I implemented a referral program utilizing ReferralHero's new newsletter referral program.


57 new subscribers
Gotten my baseline need of 39 subs.
143 subs from determining it a raging success.
2 more weeks to go.
DETAILS Manuel was super nice and walked me through setup and connecting the digital pipes, roughly 1 hour call.

Results in the first week were far from good, 3 referrals.
the 2nd week really picked up. And this 3rd week I've gotten my base line goal of 39 subscribers from this program.

The majority came from one source. 1 person wrote a heartfelt professional linkedin post about reading my newsletter and the need to keep up with trends. That got me 27 subscribers alone.

Is this a raging success? No. What will it take to be a raging success? 200 subs

What are the baseline needs? 39 subs If I get 39 referrals within 4 weeks, I will pay 1 more month. Which I got. so I'm going to go ahead with month 2 at the very least.

How did I get to that baseline number? The cost is $39 per month. I am now starting to allocate $1 for acquiring a new subscriber.