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TikTok has blown up over the last couple of years, but most influencer discovery platforms still focus on Instagram/ Twitter/ FB. Influence Grid fills the gap for a comprehensive discovery tool for TikTok.

February 11, 2020 Hit $10K ARR!

2 months after launch, just reached $875 MRR, which is $10,500 annually. Not nearly enough to live on, but starting to feel like a more significant amount of revenue.

Have been focusing nearly 100% on growth, mainly through cold outreach and it’s great to see it paying off.

Have also done a lot of existing/ potential customer interviews, so I think it’s time to start implementing their feedback into the product, rather than just focusing on growth.

UPDATE - just hit $12K ARR ($1K MRR) on same day!

January 7, 2020 Launched on Product Hunt 🚀

After 4 weeks of steady feature improvement, outreach and my first few customers, I decided it’s time to launch Influence Grid on Product Hunt today.

Thanks to all the feedback and support of the Indie Hackers community in helping me get it to this point!

You can check it out live on Product Hunt here:

Tech changes since the MVP:

  • annual plans
  • see influencer emails (when available)
  • showing a count of results before search
  • similar influencer stats on the profile
  • email newsletter sign up
  • increase page speed from around 50 to  around 80 (seems to vary a lot)
  • added a pricing page

Marketing since the MVP:

  • cold emailing industry journalists (1 article and hopefully a couple more coming)
  • SEO link building in startup directories etc
  • setting up social profiles (although not posting much yet)- researched press releases, Product Hunt marketing, cold email marketing

Next steps:

  • continue cold emails and link building
  • write and send a press release (no idea if this have any effect)- create detailed YouTube videos on how to use the product
  • track historical trends for influencers
December 12, 2019 First 2 Customers!

Got 2 customers at $25/ month last night, so up to $50/ MRR! Very happy with that for week 1.

On Monday I got a write up in Social Media Today,, and a few hundred page views from it. I was concerned none of these converted, so I changed my pricing a bit.

Previously I was giving the first 20 results of any results away for free, and offering an unlimited 'Pro' account for $50 / month. I'm now giving only the first 4 results of any search away for free, and offering tiered accounts ($25/$50/$100), based on number of searches/ csv exports. You can see the tiers here:

My thinking, after speaking with a colleague, was that a lot of people running small campaigns can probably get everything they need from the first 20 results, so I needed to add an incentive to sign up to a paid account. I don't know if the customers were a result of this or coincidence, but I'll stick with it for now.

The customers also gave me valuable feedback, which I've acted on:

  1. Stripe emails weren't being sent! Easily fixed:
  2. You could only export 20 accounts at 1 time, raised to 100.
  3. They also requested an account/profile section to do things like change plan/ payment method. So far I've been handling everything through the contact form, but I'll need to add an account section soon.
December 10, 2019 Launched the MVP

Just launched the MVP of Influence Grid, a tool to help brands find TikTok influencers:

Spent about 1 month working out how to save / update the data and building the backend, then 2 weeks building the front end. It’s super minimal at the moment, but you can search by location, topic, account size, engagement rate and average video views.

Things I’ll add next: a proper landing page, free trial/ limited features for free accounts, export to CSV, user search, categorisation of music genres.

The initial marketing focus will be on finishing the technical SEO and link building via submitting to directories / Reddit. I’ve also reached out to 1 industry journalist and he said he'll write about the site at some point this week!

November 7, 2019 Came up with the idea

I was searching for side-project inspiration on (now and noticed the trend for 'nano influencer' (influencers with >1k and <10k followers) as a trend. My original idea was to build some sort of discover platform to help brands find these influencers.

Looking at existing platforms and noticed they all seem to be Instagram focused, none covered TikTok despite its growth over the last couple of years. Also noticed that their subscription prices tended to start around $50 and that a lot didn't disclose pricing, so they are clearly a fair bit more than $50. This seems like a healthy existing market with a TikTok-shaped opportunity, but I might be missing something...

Committed to building an MVP, first figuring out how to get the data as that seemed the hardest part, then building a minimal UI on top of it with a mix of free/ premium features.

TikTok has blown up over the last couple of years, but most influencer discovery platforms still focus on Instagram/ Twitter/ FB. Influence Grid fills the gap for a comprehensive discovery tool for TikTok.