November 27, 2020

Launched on Product Hunt

Masatoshi Nishimura @massanishi

Launched on Product Hunt!

This is the second time I'm releasing on Product Hunt. This time it's much earlier, much smaller scale. Like Inksprout is missing a lot of features like it only supports LinkedIn.

I'm thinking it'd be better to get feedback early on. An ultimate mini launch philosophy:)

Let's see how it goes!

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    Congrats on the launch! Looks like a great product. As a fellow Indie Hacker, gave you an upvote on PH!

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      Thanks man, I appreciate it!

      Btw, I love your IH name haha. Marketing guru blows my mind consistently. Let me check the nomad site:)

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        Yeah, we launched on PH today too. Harder than it looks to get traction!

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          Also, I was a bit confused with Mixy before. I understand the "Try new products", but didn't understand about the second part. Is it like Try new products and make $61?

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            Thanks for the feedback. You get $100 in gift cards at a bundle discount. You use the gift cards to find products to try. Should have run it through a friend before posting!

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              I see. Hm. How about something like "Popular premium subscriptions for free" as a tag? Just for food for thought! Good luck!

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          Awesome! Just upvoted!

          Last time, I had 10 votes initially. And the next day I started DMing people on Twitter and brought it up to 180 votes. You can try it;)

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    Hey @massanishi congrats on the PH launch. Looks like unless I have a link I won't be able to upvote it :/ .

    This is a neat idea but often people share articles but people are hesitant since they need to click and read the content. The first few lines is the key to grab a reader's attention and Inksprout can do exactly what when users share links on social media.

    Out of curiosity, who are your target audience?

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      Thanks for checking out buddy! Not sure why/how, but PH made my post scheduled for today in the middle of my launch. Now it's up!

      Yes that's the goal. Adding context to your link share.

      So far the interest has been bloggers and small business owners who share their links or industry news for jobs.

      Let me know when you are launching your product:)

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        Finally PH allowed me to Upvote and I have done so :) All the best with PH.

        Bloggers will very much see the value in this product. Showcasing the first three lines can make a big difference.

        Sure, just launched my social venture We Care Social two weeks back, to help founders become more socially responsible by working on their behalf to help charities all over the world digitally.

        Please let me know if you would like to join hands on this social venture to help charities digitally all over the world?

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          Aw, thanks for sharing the love! I honestly considered 30 votes a success for this initial launch. So, I'm very happy with how it went!

          An interesting project you're doing. I like that you have a set amount listed. It makes it much more familiar that way like mini subscription. The landing page looks polished too with the visuals.

          I'm not in the financial state to make a social impact now (the product has to be sustainable first). But being able to contribute back to society would be a good goal to have for this venture!

          PS: Food for thought, it might be valuable if you connect the members online. Founders that invest in social causes seem very unique and I'd be interested in knowing/connecting with them. Just something I thought.

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            Well done on the PH launch. How was the incoming traffic from Product Hunt? I see fewer products get listed during the weekends, is that because the traffic is generally low on weekends from PH due to users spending time away from their computers?

            Thanks for the feedback on We Care Social. I would like to invite you to join my LinkedIn page or Twitter page .

            Trust and credibility are essential hence why I always insist founders follow the progress on LinkedIn or Twitter for 3 months before they take decision if they would like to contribute to not (it's entirely optional).

            Wow thanks for the idea, it would be a great community to have. Surrounding ourselves with likeminded social founders helps us invest back our time into the society as well. Currently, 15 founders are supporting We Care Social with 2 founders already contributing. I will start the community once I cross 50 supporting founders.

            Thanks for the idea once again.

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              I got about 70 users across 3 days of the launch. It's ok. The eyes are definitely more on the weekday. Mine launched on Saturday (with the myserious pushback), yet I can see many check it out on Monday.

              At the same time, more launches mean more competition. You will get instantly pushed out of the top page. Inksprout remained on the top 5 on the Saturday window. These days, people put professional effort into Product Hunt launch. So I'm not sure which comes to be better at the end.

              Yap, I got you on Twitter. Taking money from the right persons only makes sense especially in the early stage. And 15 founders are already convinced. I'm sure you're doing a fantastic job.

              Yes, even a simple Slack group may do. Good luck with it :)

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                Oh yeah I have seen people publish guides on how to launch professionally on PH. Crazy!

                Awesome. Thanks for the Twitter support, will keep updating the progress I make with charities on Twitter.