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Inspector is a Code Execution Monitoring tool that helps developers to identify bugs and bottlenecks in their applications before users do.

September 17, 2021 First video testimonial

"At FROG Technologies, we like Inspector because it's really simple to install and use without too many configurations. It allows us to immediately identify issues in our PHP code!".

  • Miller Adulu, founder and team lead at FROG Technologies, Kenya

We are honoured to help developers all around the world to identify and fix issues in their applications before customers stumbe onto the problem.

Learn more about Inspector:

July 15, 2021 New Symfony bundle

We are proud to announce the general availability of the official bundle to connect Symfony applications to the Inspector monitoring system.

Our goal is to make developers completely autonomous in monitoring and controlling their software without having to share the monitoring environment with external teams, infrastructure teams, cyber security teams, etc.

Everyone has their own needs and the developers almost always have the worst.

When customer reports bugs or errors, developers must act immediately.

Inspector works with a simple purely-software library, so developers no longer need to make installations at the server level or having to depend on external teams for every minimum configuration.

This lack of autonomy causes wasted time, endless email exchanges, opened tickets to other support teams. In the meantime the customer waits and software errors proliferate.

Are you responsible for the development of a Symfony application? Try the experience of detecting bugs and bottlenecks before users do. Follow this step by step guide and send us your feedback.

May 6, 2021 Scalable Applications community was born

Hi hackers!

We are exited to announce that "Scalable Applications" community was born.

Through Scalable Applications, you can meet software development leads, engineers, and CTOs from established software houses and other software-driven companies. People who influence the direction of the software development strategy in their company every day.

Learn from other developers' experience, write your first post now, tell us who you are, your role, and what are the most important challenges you are facing.

December 3, 2020 NodeJS support

We are excited to announce the release of the NodeJs/ExpressJS integration library.

NodeJs code execution can now be monitored with Inspector via a simple and easy to use npm module, to identify bugs and bottlenecks in your application before users stumble onto the problem.

It takes less than one minute to get started with just one command and two lines of code.

June 10, 2020 Inspector joins Nana Bianca

Inspector joins Nana Bianca, the Italian startup accelerator in Florance, Italy.

I just want to say thank you to our customers from New York to Singapore, from Amsterdam to Hong Kong for trust Inspector since the beginning that helped us to do better and better with their feebacks and advices.

The company has now more resources to make a better product and to create the best customers support that developers can find out there!

May 6, 2020 Exceeded 10 active customers

I can understand now what I read so many times in others founders stories about how hard it is to get your first 10 customers.

Yes it wasn't easy, that's why it's awesome :)!

The goal is achived, so the next step is 100 active customers. I'm loving to work with other developers, I think they are one of the last category of person that really love what they do.

Feel free to leave your feedback or advice, it's really appreciated. Thank you hackers!

January 31, 2020 Enterprise collaboration

We are so proud to be part of the Terna open innovation program.
Terna is the biggest company in the energy supplies industry in Italy and they have choosen Inspector as interested company to work with aim to optimize the company's digitalization process.

We love to build automated and easy to use developer tools that can bring productivity improvements in companies that rely on software to serve their customers.

We are now working on the prepackaged version of Inspector to distribute our product "on-premise".

November 23, 2019 My first business networking event

Inspector is taking me to new experiences. In the last few weeks I enjoyed bringing my product in the "physical world" :D.

I met other entrepreneurs, managers, and also venture capitalists. I love to do new experiences and I just want say thank you to all developers that trust Inspector to move their dream forward.

I'm already working to keep making Inspector better.

August 22, 2019 Product update

Hello hackers, in early July I launched Inspector and in just one month the product gets four paying customers and thousend of new developers subscribed.

Thanks to many feedback from our user base I released today a new product update.

Now Inspector show the transactions volume to check your application Laravel application load at a glance.

July 17, 2019 Inspector live on ProductHunt

As product owner I learned on my skin how an application issue isn't just a technical stuff. For software-driven companies it could create a negative impact on the users experience during on-boarding process or affect engagement.

Thanks to Inspector I no longer need to spend a lot of time to search errors inside logs manually, trying to anticipate users complaints, because an autonomous tool is doing this job for me, bubbling up anything that could create problems for users.

Today I'm exited to expose my product to a more larger audience live on Product Hunt, and I invite you to click on the link below and support us with an Upvote :)


Inspector is a Code Execution Monitoring tool that helps developers to identify bugs and bottlenecks in their applications before users do.