August 14, 2019

Launched landing page!

Aaron Noel De Leon @nelonoel

..and the site is live at!

The goal is to gather early users and communicate what I'm trying to do with Intent. As cliché as it sounds, Intent is not just a product but a mission to bring back control to users.

Also, another reason why Intent is not just a product is that it's three products at launch:

  • Launcher – an Android app launcher that lets you organize essentials and distractions.

  • Browser – a browser extension that functions as a mute switch for website features that don’t respect your intent. Think AdBlock but for persuasive design patterns; targetted for non-technical users.

  • Timer – a timer that lives in your browser aiming to provide insight and access controls to the time you spend online.

This seems like an unorthodox way of launching (3 products, really?) but I'm committed to bringing them all into production!

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