February 18, 2020

New feature: Keyword alerts for Facebook Groups ⏰

Frank Hald @FrankHald

I have been working on Group alerts for the past few months, and I’m now ready to show it to others.

I like Facebook groups and the communities, but my feed is bloated with posts I wish I had never seen.
I subscribe to a few newsletters that specializes in sending content specifically to my interests. I wondered if I could get Facebook to do the same for me, and came about Facebooks “Keyword Alerts” as a Groups feature. It was just what I was looking for.
Then it turns out, this feature is only available to group admins, while I wanted it for the groups I was a member of.
I researched how this could be achieved without voilating Facebooks policies, and developed my own solution, which Facebook approved.

I launched interestinsights back in September 2019, and are currently at 723 users.


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