Launched our Landing Page!

We now have a landing page that can collect emails that we're pretty proud of. Since we both still work full-time jobs, we don't have a lot of time to work on it, so it's great to see a tangible milestone being hit!

The two biggest challenges were figuring out the major features of the platform we wanted to highlight and designing the graphics.

We knew the pain-points that we were tackling (since these are issues we're dealing with by using competitors), but we wanted to make sure to have a balance of overall value and differentiation from the competitors. Not every company will be using another scheduling tool, so we want to make sure our purpose made sense to those don't.

The graphics were also difficult since neither of us are graphic designers by day, but @pallavi did a fantastic job making amazing graphics with a cohesive look-and-feel. We wanted to use the ducks to give a light-hearted feel to otherwise dreary recruiting software.

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    Hi there, landing page looks great. It's clean and straightforward. I'm curious what you used to build the email sign up because it was seamless. Also, curious which email sign up area has been most successful to date. Nice job and good luck!

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      Thanks for the kind words!

      The email signup frontend is a React form that makes a fetch POST call to the backend. The backend is a simple AWS Lambda function with API Gateway in front of it that appends the emails to a Google Sheet.

      Since we're still really early, we unfortunately don't have enough data to identify which position is the most successful, but hopefully we'll find out over time!

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        Hey there, hope you're well. Just curious how you judged good vs bad number if waitlist sign ups. I just recently launched my marketing landing page here and shared with a handful of people and we got a decent amount of sign ups. However, wondering if you've come across any rules of thumb or baseline metrics for waitlist sign ups. Thanks!

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    Hi there, the landing page looks really nice, especially the graphics! I had to think about the meaning of the subheadline for a few seconds but then I think I got it :)

    You ask 3 times on this site for people to leave their email address and I guess this is intended. I have read somewhere on reddit I think that it would be pretty successful to ask people for it while they are leaving the site. Maybe this is interesting for you if you have more content on your site and you have a visitor reading a lot on your site.

    Best wishes

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      Hi, thank you for checking out the page and for the feedback!

      I really like the idea of an exit popup. Like you said, right now we don't have too much content on the page, but as we add more and may want to remove the email collection form from the navbar, we can definitely use an exit intent popup.

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