Building In Public, Traction, & Working Prototype

It's cliche, but starting at the beginning of the year I started building Interweave more in public. I've now published 3 weekly recap posts on my blog, bryansmith.io. Doing this has done a couple things:

  1. Increased my desire to work nights and weekends. Putting it out there and sharing what I'm working on what and what accomplished really helps. I finally feel like I have traction on this project. Progress, even slow but consistence progress really helps build something. I keep telling myself 🐢 > 🐇.

  2. It's pushed me to start thinking audience building. Because who wants to launch to no one? This has led to a handful of people signing up for news about Interweave. Progress already!

  3. And after 3 weeks I have a working prototype. Nothing worth sharing yet, but it's a fully deployed to a production instance prototype. That's big, as I can start dogfooding things now!

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