November 27, 2019

Added Gifting for the Holidays

Will Hankinson @SimianLogic

When I redid the sales page a couple of months back, I added the ability to purchase a "producer pack," which was really just a coupon good for a certain number of video renders using the regular intro maker.

Between building that feature and the number of requests I get on my twitter DMs for free intro videos, I think there's a chunk of my audience out there who wants an intro video but doesn't have the means to pay for it themselves (whether too young or in a country that doesn't support Stripe yet).

It didn't take much to just add a new transaction option on its own landing page to just straight purchase a single render coupon.

It's ostensibly just a holiday promotion, but I plan to keep an eye on gift coupon purchases and I might keep it up year-round.

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