Hit 400 Followers on Twitter

I've mostly been liking/interacting with tweets on my prospecting list, but in the last couple of weeks I've started to think about what type of voice/content I want to have for my twitter account. Running an intro maker, I can use my own product to generate images for social media. I've been trying out a few different types of posts and running them through giphy (see https://giphy.com/channel/IntroCave).

The overall rate of growth has slowed quite a bit--I don't know if that means I'm starting to repeat users or if I opened the floodgate a little to wide and I need to tune my algorithm to be a little pickier.

I almost need to set up two prospecting lists--one for finding potential customers and one for finding share-worthy content. I can build out a calendar of posts of my own content, but figuring out what types of retweets get engagement and building another bot to source tweets like that seems like a much more sustainable way to provide value and grow the list.

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    Congrats on the milestone- it takes a while to generate follower momentum on these social media platforms.

    Are you getting decent traffic from giphy? Is it worthwhile to upload content there for the potential SEO backlink benefit? Just tried uploading a few of our gifs from our library there to see...

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      I don't see any traffic or SEO benefits--I just prefer posting gifs over video to twitter and they make really good gifs. I used to fiddle a bunch with various gif makers on my local machine, but now I mostly just upload them to giphy. I also like the idea of having all the gifs I've made in a single spot that I can go grab from if I end up re-using these later.

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