September 9, 2019

Implemented First Two Lifecycle Emails

Will Hankinson @SimianLogic

I've had my strategy for these mapped out on paper for months, but I hadn't actually sat down with enough focus time to figure out how to implement what I want in Laravel. I have a total of 9 emails planned across three different sequences (welcome, cart abandonment, and post-purchase), and tonight I was able to build/test/deploy the first two (both welcome).

Of the remaining 7, I have 6 of them outlined and ready to implement and one that needs a bit more thought. Once I get the full sequence in place, I'll likely A/B test some alternate subjects and copy for each of the 9 messages (which could take months to yield meaningful data).

This has been on my TODO list for months and it feels pretty good to just sit down and bang it out.

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