October 31, 2019

Sold An Annual Plan!

Will Hankinson @SimianLogic

Most of my sales are one-time sales. There was one annual "subscriber" when I took over the site, but that's been handled entirely by email--I've "renewed" that customer twice by just sending them a stripe invoice and making them a coupon good for a year's worth of videos.

Knowing that at least one customer was willing to pay for it, I added it as an option to my pricing grid almost one month ago exactly. Now ~30 days later, I have my first hands-off annual plan sale (and 2nd overall). These aren't renewing subscriptions, so I'll need to follow up with them as the coupons expire to push them to renew.

Annual plans are $100, so you could say I have ~$17 in MRR compared to my ~$1-1.5k in monthly sales.

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