September 29, 2019

Thinking over the validation results

Yury Smykalov @yury_smykalov

The worst part for me was that most of my prospective customers didn't give any feedback at all.

I was a bit upset — they were so positive and supportive at our first conversation and then just ignored all my messages after receiving a link to the MVP.

I could think about it in two ways:

  1. The idea is wrong, nobody needs it.
  2. The demo isn't good enough.

It wasn't easy to decide between these two.

If the idea is wrong, I should switch to the next one as quick as possible and stop losing time on InviteMember. I was really afraid to spend several months building something that nobody will use.

But what if my demo was a bit too quick-and-dirty and nobody treated it seriously?

I think these 3 mistakes led to the "zero feedback" problem:
— I was working with payments which are a core part of every business, but my demo was looking too unprofessional;
— I planned to accept BTC payments in a platform's wallet and then make payouts to channel admins, but this payment flow requires a high level of trust;
— 5% commission rate was probably too much.

At the same time, I was still pretty sure that managing paid Telegram channels and groups is a pain without a specialized membership bot that can take care of payments and subscriptions.

So I gave InviteMember one more chance.

I planned to spend 2-3 months to build a more solid prototype that will look much, much more professional. It would set up a trust that is so important for accepting payments on behalf of someone else.

I also understood that I should market this product differently. I had only around 100 cold contacts (that was pretty much all paid Telegram channels I managed to find). It's not enough to build a sustainable business even with a 10% conversion rate. So I had to try something else.

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