January 17, 2020

IP lookups are now returning the routing prefix

Laurent Pellegrino @lpellegr

Following recent requests, it was expressed a need to get the routing prefix associated with an IP address. This data is now included under the field connection.route for all API calls that return IP data. The value uses the CIDR notation.

Here is an example for an IPv4 address:

"ip" : "",
"connection" : {
"asn" : 14618,
"domain" : "amazon.com",
"organization" : "Amazon Technologies Inc.",
"route" : "",
"type" : "hosting"

and another sample with an IPv6 address:

"ip" : "2a01:e35:2f22:e3d0::1",
"connection" : {
"asn" : 12322,
"domain" : "free.fr",
"organization" : "Free SAS",
"route" : "2a01:e35:2000::/36",
"type" : "isp"

Other than this new data, we have improved our correlation algorithms and are proud to announce that IP geolocation accuracy has been improved for more than 30% of the entries we manage.

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