February 21, 2020

Gained 100+ Twitter followers in a day

Charlie Ward @charlierward

The Twitter account for IR35List.com (creatively called twitter.com/IR35List) reached 145 followers in 24 hours, from just 20. That's 7x growth baby!

As a reminder, IR35 List aggregates tech contract roles in the UK that are outside IR35 (aka lower tax). They're currently all from wellpaid.io.

Using Zapier, I auto-post these jobs from the site to Twitter and Linkedin, with a Facebook Group coming soon.

I was minding my own business yesterday, when I noticed my phone blowing up from a particular job going semi-viral. From there, I started getting a bunch of new followers every hour.

It's made me feel more bullish about doing a full launch on Product Hunt and elsewhere soon.

Next steps:

  • setup Facebook Group
  • scrape from more sources (likely using SimpleScraper.io)
  • plan Product Hunt launch