November 8, 2019

Made my first sale, struggled for more

In October, Is It Keto began selling its first product: downloadable meal plans.

I made my first sale within two hours of going live. I spent the rest of the month trying to make more sales and only managed to sell to one additional customer.

Here are the experiments I attempted, in short:

  • Replace AdSense ads on other parts of my site with self-ads for my meal plan product
    • Result: It might have increased visits to my sales page, but the change is too small to be meaningful.
  • Reduce prices from $14.99 to $4.99
    • Result: No sales after two days (cut short the experiment)
  • Offer discount in exchange for feedback about the meal plans
    • Result: Only one user provided feedback but did not follow through with a purchase
  • Pitch to reddit users one-by-one
    • Result: Tried this for a few days, but was too labor intensive and was not yielding any results.
  • Revert to sales copy from the smoke test
    • Result: Similar percentage of users clicked the "Buy button" but only one completed checkout.
  • Put more detail into sales pages
    • Result: No new sales, still working on this one.

For the full writeup, check out my October retrospective:

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