January 3, 2020

Came up with the idea!

Sagar Ranglani @sagarranglani

Engineering practices, especially in tech industry, are changing at a very fast pace. In order to just keep up with the new technologies (i.e. new JS framework every week ;) we need to do 3 things, learn, learn and learn.

I dedicated 3 hours a week to (just) learn, used to do online courses, read articles, listen to podcasts and what not. BUT, there was no process to it!

I asked my friends, "What do you do when you find a great article to read or a video to watch and you do not have time right then to read/watch that?" And these are some of the answers they gave me:

  1. I email the link to myself
  2. I keep a notepad file to keep that link
  3. I bookmark that in the browser (but never get back to it ?)
  4. I create a email draft, and leave it a draft (really???)

"Noooooo! This is not done! I need to fix this!" This is what I thought and built ISELO! Initially it was for "personal link management", then I added team collaboration features for collaborative knowledge management.

We'll call it ISELO, but of course the dot com domain is taken, and I'll resort to iseloapp.com :-)

Today's Top Milestones
  • 118 users and first paying customer!!
    My COVID passion project might actually be turning into a real product! This is a really exciting moment. Some quick context on this project. Mental m
  • Every Wikipedia article table is now an API!
    I added a free tool to sheet2api.com this weekend. It lets you create an API from any Wikipedia.org article (as long as it contains at least one table
  • We just hit 30K Downloads
    We launched a habit tracker last year, it was a weekend project. Devashish wanted to learn Flutter and build a project for that, we just saw Kota Fact
  • Posted my MVP on IH to be roasted
    Made a post on Indie Hackers to get some feedback on the project, see what others have to say: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/show-ih-super-simple-
  • Perseverance and random dev notes
    And here it comes the tough part. Major features have been developed, along with frontend optimizations. Now it's time to make some promotion and star
  • Into the private beta!
    We're thrilled to announce that Goalsy has entered the private beta phase, we are happily accepting our early users to signup to the beta! We'll be se
  • Reached 5 trial signups
    Early last week I reached a milestone - 5 trial signups. So far none have converted into paid, but I think this is a great start with minimal marketin
  • Change focus to collect & present reviews
    The growth of our app had been stagnant for a quite some time, despite being featured on ProductHunt and BetaList. We looked into search keywords, cus
  • Sharing on IndieHackers!
    I haven't launched this app yet - I was hoping that y'all could give me some tough love and feedback before taking it to a broader audience. I built t
  • Added the components to Codepen
    I'd been building this library of Tailwind CSS components out for a while. I was always rebuilding things between projects, and having these snippets