January 3, 2020

Came up with the idea!

Sagar Ranglani @sagarranglani

Engineering practices, especially in tech industry, are changing at a very fast pace. In order to just keep up with the new technologies (i.e. new JS framework every week ;) we need to do 3 things, learn, learn and learn.

I dedicated 3 hours a week to (just) learn, used to do online courses, read articles, listen to podcasts and what not. BUT, there was no process to it!

I asked my friends, "What do you do when you find a great article to read or a video to watch and you do not have time right then to read/watch that?" And these are some of the answers they gave me:

  1. I email the link to myself
  2. I keep a notepad file to keep that link
  3. I bookmark that in the browser (but never get back to it ?)
  4. I create a email draft, and leave it a draft (really???)

"Noooooo! This is not done! I need to fix this!" This is what I thought and built ISELO! Initially it was for "personal link management", then I added team collaboration features for collaborative knowledge management.

We'll call it ISELO, but of course the dot com domain is taken, and I'll resort to iseloapp.com :-)

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