January 3, 2020

Thought of Initial Customers

Sagar Ranglani @sagarranglani

OK!!! I asked the following questions to myself:

  • When did I find this problem myself most often?
  • Who deals with lot of knowledge?
  • Do they even have this as a problem?
  • If yes, what are they using now?
    ...any many such questions.

Created Hypothesis with these key points:

  • I found the problem this problem while doing research my Masters program (My itch)
  • Researchers (Academia & Industrial) deal with lot of knowledge (Target Customer Segment)
  • They need to manage research well (Need)
  • Tech industry is not paying enough attention to these set of people! (Less competition)

I need to explore this more and see what gets validated before I just on building stuff on iseloapp.com

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