July 9, 2020

Got laid off, discovered competitors

Kelly Miyashiro @Kmiyashiro

I work at Intercom, you've probably heard of them. Unfortunately, I've been laid off after my department was moved to Dublin and I did not want to relocate. They've given me ample notice and severance, so I have plenty of time to find a new job. I'm reluctant to find another job immediately, so I will likely take a couple months trying to finally ship ISO Hero in some form and charge a bit for it.

Related to my layoff, my options became a little more complicated and I realized that ISO Hero is missing some features to be usable for myself. I'll be adding those features and solving my own problem soon.

I also found a couple VC backed companies that are building the same tools as I am. On the one hand, I'm a little discouraged since they have built a form of the tools that are free. On the other hand, their tools don't work for my situation and they validated the problem to solve for.

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    Be careful not to build only to scratch your own itch!

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      I'm aiming to support the most common use cases for sure, but I'm finding that the more complex use cases are more common and would get more value out of the product. I'll probably ship with the most basic ones first.