September 5, 2019

First prototype live, less than 3 days building

Oriol Segarra @oriol04

I had the idea of this project last week, it took me 1 day to figure out where I would get the right data to be able to answer the questions.

Then I started looking at the different tools I know and how I could get started.

I don't know how to code, I'm just starting to learn. However In my engineering degree we did some computing classes and I understand the logic behind computing.

Then I looked into the NO CODE tools, I was inclined to go with with the database in Airtable. However I never used, so I figured out it would take me 2 months to launch something.

I looked at what I already knew, and then it stood out. TYPEFORM. In the last 6 months I've been using it heavily for my other projects, and I'm just in love with these guys.

The app I want to build is very simple, as a user you answer questions of your packaging and depending of what you answer you get one score or another, there are only 3 possible scores.

Then I went to build a flowchart to make creating the app on typeform better, I used to do this task, you can check the final result here:

Then I realized that I didn't have all the information about materials like cardboard and bioplastics, so I decided to launch only with the assessement tool for plastic packaging.

I bought a domain and redirected to the typeform:

I created a fast logo with ucraft (got this tool thanks to IH 👌)

At the end of the typeform I ask my visitors if they would like an early access to the tool for a special price, I did this using payment option with stripe integration. Let's see if it works.

I've built this simple tool in less than 2 days.

Note: This tool came up as part of my strategy to promote myself as a sustainability packaging consultant, the main goal is to get leads and promote my name and personal brand, rebueno, which is under construction right now.

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