Meet the most inspirable launch on Product Hunt😍

I'm Dima Braven, founder & designer at Itmeo. I’m happy to announce my new project 🏄‍♂️.

Itmeo Market - a new generation market with high-quality design templates. Meet the most inspirable place for web creators.

And now is love on Product Hunt 🔥:

Our key features:

  • All popular formats and code resources in the nearest updates
  • Create your own mood board right there;
  • All templates are made by award-winning designers specifically for Itmeo Market;
  • Well-thought-out navigation with a search by categories and tags;
  • Not market at all, but the future ecosystem and the designers' community;
  • Regular weekly updates.

Future plans:

We are building a design ecosystem where all products will be in a single line. Our future products are website builders, design editors, and each template from the market can be edited and published on your domain or on Instagram.

We're planning to add on Itmeo Platform the following updates:

✓ Authors – become an author and monetize your talent;
✓ Smart feed – we're working on smart feed like in Pinterest;
✓ Improved search – template search by different popular tags and categories, we'll increase the filters amount;
✓ Code components & templates – sure, we will add templates for developers in all popular formats, such as React, Vue;
✓ Integrated website builder – you can take any template from Itmeo market and edit it in integrated builder;
✓ Freelance platform – now we are working at job message board for freelance designers;
✓ + 5000 templates for next year – sounds impossible but true! We are planning to add them all, and they'll also be high-quality & premium as always.

⚡️⚡️⚡️Limited Offer for 100 paying users ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Only for our lovely early adopters, we've prepared an exceptional offer - Lifetime Deal 🖤 - only for $99 for the first 100 paying users.

You have a chance to be the first and get all updates for Itmeo Market and access to all templates.

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