January 5, 2020

Front Page HN with our Japanese Grammar Article!


Know your audience. We wanted to offer some deep insights into Japanese and Computing Science simultaneously with an article about EBNF grammars and how Japanese is regular enough to fit a simple grammar parser with just 5 rules.

Our post made it to the front page of HN which got us a lot of good coverage. It's still hovering on Lobste(rs) and it's nice to see some people commenting things like, "Wow, I wish I had seen this 20 years ago when I started studying Japanese!"


Today's Top Milestones
  • Launched on ProductHunt
    I just submitted the site to Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/maker-reads I have zero experience with project launched and hence tried
  • Created accounts on all social media channels
    After finishing my MVP, I created accounts on: - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - Facebook. I started creating posts on Instagram and got 40 followers a
  • Product Hunt Launch! Today's the day.
    After a year in Beta, fixing bugs, adding features and polishing the UX/UI, I finally launched a stable release of Colofon.io. I added the non-fiction